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Sonic Society #620- Sonic Square

| November 17, 2019

This week Jack and David are back with more 11th Hour Productions. This time The Radcliffe Square Labyrinth and Waiting for a Lift. More spooky post-Halloween on The Sonic Society- part of the Mutual Audio Network!

Sonic Society #619- Leaf it Audione

| November 10, 2019

This week we welcome David back from his live performances to feature some of this year’s exciting 11th Hour Productions from October, beginning with “The House of Leaf and Ash” written by  Jeremy Hennessy and produced by Austin Beach!

Sonic Society #618- Ace Fidgeter

| November 3, 2019

This week it’s part two of Space Dick Ace Galaksi, the live show of the famous gumshoe of the stars by Maissa Bessada. After that we get our first taste of 11th Hour Productions this week with a story by Ele Matelan “Fidget”, produced by Sarah Golding. Two great shows to bring in the new […]

Sonic Society #617- Live from Space

| October 27, 2019

Space Dick Ace Galaksi and his shape-changing ship, Phoenix have 24 hours to locate it before Destiny itself is re-written. “Space Dick At Large” was recorded in front of a live audience in 2017. Afterwards, expect a little classic sketch on writing from Crazy Dog Audio!

Sonic Society #616- 6 Fears of Audio

| October 20, 2019

Pete Lutz has a seat in the guest host chair with Jack this week as they introduce Aural Stage Studios and Sable Jak’s “5 Levels of Fear Part 1” and Project Utopia episode one from Totally Pro Voice Overs.

Sonic Society #615- Terms of Audioment

| October 13, 2019

Jeff Billard guest hosts with Jack this week as they feature the three-part political thriller from Lindsay Graham- “Terms“! An excellent treat for an audio drama Sunday!

Sonic Society #614- The Sound of Dread

| October 6, 2019

Lothar Tuppan guest hosts with Jack this week as they feature his latest collaborative project with Mark Slade and Daniel French- the pilot for Daniel Dread!

Sonic Society #613- Bitter Ballads

| September 29, 2019

Jack and David bring you the latest from Austin Beech’s new production company- Broken Bard Studios” with a great double-feature “A Bitter Place” and “The Uncertainty Principle” written by Steve Schneider.

Sonic Society #612- Swine Sounds

| September 22, 2019

Jack and David have a great audio chin wag about latest doings and Sonic Society Season 15 before presenting their feature from the excellent and hilarious- Emperor Pigs: Episode #8 from Persephone Rose, now featuring their full fun of season one on Friday Follies of the Mutual Audio Network!

Sonic Society #611- More Martians

| September 15, 2019

David returns to bring the final part of “Day of the Martians” a solo performance of the H.G. Wells science fiction villains!When an unopened Martian cylinder is discovered in the mountains of Wales in 1913, the people of Britain brace themselves for another invasion from Mars. Soon they learn the shocking news that the vengeance-seeking […]