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The SPERDVAC Interview

| October 24, 2021

The Reviews are In!

| May 7, 2017

Recently there’s been a lot of hay made about the #audiodramasunday hashtag weekly on Twitter. We think it’s a fantastic way to get the word out for those who haven’t yet got on the Audio Drama Trolley (we’ve got multiple cars give us a try!) But for those of us who already listen to audio drama the […]

Colonial Tonight!

| January 9, 2016

I don’t know if Jerry Robbins or JT Turner enjoy their banter as much as the fans of Colonial Radio Talk Podcast but one can only hope. I have a podcatcher full of shows I should be listening to, shows I listen to, and shows I’m waiting to listen. I also have a “Fabulous Five” that […]

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Into the Water…

| June 22, 2015

From the amazing studio that brought you Powder River, The Martian Chronicles, Captain Blood and other thrilling tales- now adapted from the pure zombie nightmare comic- Dead Ahead! Written by Mel Smith and adapted for radio by Jack J. Ward, this terror-filled blood bath will keep you away from the water, and safely aboard while […]

Episode 423- The Big Stage

| April 7, 2015

  Misfits Audio’s “The Big Game” and WCRS’s Radio Stages “A Matter of Life and Death” are our twin features tonight for the Sonic Society as David and Jack make their way back for a final confrontation with the Videk and their U-Tube weapon.

Sonic Again!

| September 12, 2014

With the patience of a saint, Ginny Ward has meticulously one by one begun loading the entire backlist of the Sonic Society on to our Youtube Channel. So go back nine years and listen to the Golden Age of Modern Audio Drama/Podcasting. Hear the Sonic Society and all these great shows again for the first time! Pass […]

Cool Hand Mike

| July 31, 2014

Michael L.  Stokes, Audio Production star of H.G. World, Gypsy Audio, and our own award winning Alone in the Night from the Wavefront Anthology series has his own production website up. Go take a look, see what’s cooking, and marvel at the awesome work he does!  

Episode 317- 2nd Tabula-ted Rasa

| January 8, 2013

Jack goes back to Pendant Audio’s“Tabula Rasa”, episode 2 to catch up with David. With a short donation request and the King’s College Audio Drama Fringe Festival.

Sonic Society Promo #3

| December 13, 2012

Jack and David do a more generic informational Sonic Society Promo for the upcoming live performance of “It’s a Wonderful Life” radio play in Halifax on December 15th and 16th! Four shows only! Get tickets while you can!

Sonic Society Season 8 Promo 2!

| September 5, 2012

Jack and David make their way along the podioverse thanks to the PPC (Audi) hand held dimensional hopper! Going from one Audio Drama universe to another.