The Sonic Society

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Sonic Society #670– Shadow Fools

| January 3, 2021

We begin the year with a mugful of David Ault along with his collaborators Mark Nixon and Elie Hirschman with Shadows at the Door and “The Signalman” and “Warning to the Curious” with the hilarious Cool Fool “Byron vs the Mega-Shark”! Tales to start a new decade by. Happy New Year everyone!

Sonic Society #669- Fairy Stockings

| December 27, 2020

From our Sonic stockings this year, Jack and David open up a variety of shorts including some family-friendly tales like The Fairy-Tale Mysteries Radio Show Episode #1-Spoiled Pork from Jim Nelson and Fraser Valley Gilbert and Sullivan Society along with Owen McCuen‘s “Yo Ho Ho Santa and Blackbeard Christmas Adventure”, and finally from The Temp– […]

Sonic Echo: 410 Western Adventures: The Last Roundup

| December 20, 2020

Ride with the Amigos one last time as they take a last look at their Western season exploring what we learned from the stories from the Old West!

Sonic Society #668- Santa Galactic

| December 20, 2020

It’s just days from Christmas and right on time Halifax’s own Lion’s Den Theatre from Keith Morrison adapts their seasonal delight from the stage, the hilarious B-flick “Santa Conquers the Martians” in an extended Sonic Society feature!

Sonic Society #667- Black Ace

| December 13, 2020

As we come closer to Christmas, David and Jack bring the Ace Galaksi special from Maissa Bessada entitled “An Unwritten Christmas” along with Matt Leong’s tale “Black Boxes”!

Sonic Society #666- Strange Metal

| December 6, 2020

This week on the Sonic Society we complete “The Stranger Among Us” by MP Johnson and Daniel P Ramirez and revisit Battleground Productions with Brass #30: Summits and Revelations the season three finale getting you excited for season four! It’s Audio Drama Time!

Sonic Society #665- Stranger Sound

| November 29, 2020

This week on the Sonic Society Jack and David focus on the two first episodes of “The Stranger Among Us” written by MP Johnson and edited by Daniel P Ramirez which is a Medium Pajama Production based on a story from Orson Welles.

Sonic Society #664- Witchever Way You Listen

| November 22, 2020

This week on the Sonic Society Jack and David focus on the two first episodes of Witchever Path which is an anthology series where your decisions effect the story. The stories are based in America‚Äôs North East, featuring characters finding themselves in the thick of the unknown while tackling issues like queer identity, gender, race, […]

Sonic Society #663- Monsters from Nowhere

| November 15, 2020

This week on the Sonic Society Jack and David present a trip back to swinging London in the early 1970s and meet Roy Steel, ex – big game hunter, and Lorrimer Chesterfield, a brain in the shape of a man. Together they are The Monster Hunters from Definitely Human Productions. Their mission: to protect the […]

Sonic Society #662- Reminiscent Radio

| November 9, 2020

Welcome to November in the Society and this week David hosts alone as Jack busily works on Mid-terms! Our features this week are Reminisce With Me from Rachel Pulliam for 11th Hour Productions, Sixty-six Trip to Lancing by Will Anderson. It’s Audio Drama time!