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Wavefront Short: Reservations

| May 30, 2021

Just released this week and heard on Wednesday Wonders, Jack Ward from Electric Vicuna takes a comedic look at the Afterlife and Time Travel conundrums. Produced by Austin Beach and staring David Ault, John Bell, Angela Young, Jeffrey Billard, Lothar Tuppan and Jan Didur.

Wavefront Short: Trans-Humanity

| April 25, 2021

At the twilight of humanity, a robot comes to the cabin door of an old woman to have her join the rest of the human species in the Singularity. Written by Jack J. Ward for the WaveFront Anthology. Produced by Austin Beach, this episode stars Rissa M, Jeffrey Billard, and Lothar Tuppan!

Wavefront Short: Alien Invasion Cancelled

| April 18, 2021

At last! A new Electric Vicuna‘s The WaveFront Anthology series release! Jack Ward pens with tongue firmly in cheek a look at what happens when aliens arrive in the modern age. Produced by Austin Beach, this episode stars Tanja Milojevic Duane Noch and Jack Ward as Modhan.