CRT Needs a Few Good Audio Producers!

CRTJerry Robbins of Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air has been incredibly busy these days. The award winning top tier audio drama company that has brought you such series as Powder River, Ticonderoga, Royall House, Perry Mason, Father Brown, Captain Blood, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Dead Ahead, and so many many more is working on the 12th season of their western epic, and some new shows including Tom Swift and his Motorcycle.

With so much content coming down the audio pipe, Mr. Robbins is looking for new audio producers who are interested in working on the mixing for CRT. Unlike many shows made in the audio drama world today, CRT pays commission for their producers. So, let us know if you’re interested today!

Colonial Radio is one of the most prestigious and well-known production companies in the business. Wouldn’t you like to learn and grow from the best?

Audio for Autism

performance-300x225Audio Drama provides so many benefits to communities, from social awareness and activism, to education and helping the autistic community. Craig Robotham from Weird World Studios has been very public about the use of radio drama in his own household and opens his scripts up to any families with autistic members but now we see Will Anderson a professor at Central Michigan University creating audio drama to help kids learn social skills. The full story can be found at CMU Public Radio News website.

There are so many reasons for making audio drama one of your tools to bring stories to the world. What are yours?

Chattering Warriors

warriorsThe incredible team at Chatterbox Audio Theater presents their latest release, Part 1 of the powerful drama The Warriors. As explained the work was:

Written by Evan Linder and conceived by Mary Hollis Inboden, it’s the story of a school shooting survivor who reconnects with her classmates a decade later. Together they explore the resonance that terrible day has had in their lives. Some have done their best to put the event behind them; others live with reminders of it every day.

It’s a thoughtful, poignant, deeply humane show about resilience and togetherness, and it features beautiful writing and performances as well as stunning artwork by Cody Barnhill. Part 1 of The Warriors is now available for free streaming and download through iTunes and our website.

Chatterbox continues to prove the vibrancy of live production and innovative theater. Have a listen and subscribe if you haven’t already!

Longest Career in Wisconsin Passes

WPR_KSchmidt_JGill-336x393 a tiger in the arena of radio drama and radio personalities passed. Wisconsinites remember Karl’s decades long commitment to WPR’s Chapter a Day. Inducted in the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame in 2013, they consider his long career spanning back to The University of Wisconsin station WHA-AM in 1941 while he was still a student at the school.

Read the article from the Current about his life, and consider how many great individuals have carried the torch to this modern age.


fa94dcd8c40582202bb68bc4add1c5941461764958_fullManga and Anime seem to be burning up the extras by throwing on radio dramas on both DVD’s and CD’s. Add Long Riders! to the list. An original audio drama, written by Longriders, and illustrated by Taishi Miyaki, is being released in the special edition of the 7th volume. Check out more details about the drama and the upcoming TV anime in October from Crunchyroll!