Hartnell! Do you Hear That? Free Music!

KhartnellKevin Hartnell’s music in the audio drama world is right up there with other greats like Kevin MacLeod from Incompetech, Jeffrey Gage from Colonial Radio Theatre, Peter Van Riet from Epic Audio and Sharon Bee from EVP.

So, it’s always with the enthusiasm of Christmas morning that we get news of more of his work being part of the Creative Commons. So go to the Kevin Hartnell Free Music Archive Page and use whatever tracks you can for your next great opus. Just make sure you follow the CC instructions and give the man credit where credit is due!


Kung Fu Action Reborn!

KFATNewThe ever-so-missed Kung Fu Action Theatre is back! Creator, writer, director, actor, and host, Rob Paterson announced the return of this beloved gem. While, KFAT has opened its doors beyond the audio drama realm, to read and written stories of all kinds, we’re grateful that maybe we’ll get more of the pulp audio dramatic form from the eclectic author. In the meantime, make sure you have your bookmark. As Mr. Paterson points out on his site:

What is this place?
Kung Fu Action Theatre (KFAT) is your gateway to swashbuckling action-adventure stories from across time and space. Whether your choice is written fiction, audio readings, or full-cast audio dramas, KFAT has you covered. So what are you waiting for? Click a link and explore!

Now to go make some D-Ranger fan fiction….

Listening Library

racontourThe library used to be a quiet place to read. Librarian’s cold death stares to the noisy have long been fodder for teen movies. But lately, they reflect more of a cross between an Internet and Starbucks cafe. Books are the least of your experience in a library today. For example, the Clark Library allowed their patrons  to see and hear a performance of “The Wizard of Menlo Park” last Tuesday night from Ranconteur Radio.

All the details can be found in Tap Into Clark website. Now, how about organizing a radio drama night in your local library?

Sonic Workshop 1- Star Plot from Jeff Musick

Sonic Workshop is a special series designed to listen to audio drama with a more collegial critical ear. A group of experienced audio producers and writers talk about an audio production with aim of helping to improve and support new works. In our inaugural episode we present Star Plot by Jeff Musick. Thanks so much Jeff, for letting us into your playground!