escape_velocityAs we continue our NADSWRIM journey, we highly urge the Society members to look into Christopher Jarvis’ Elite: Escape Velocity.

Mr. Jarvis explains the science fiction epic:

Hey everybody. When I produced series one and two of Elite: Escape Velocity I was overwhelmed by your reception to the series. Not just as a faithful fan adaptation of a game world you all loved as much as I did, but to the characters, stories, performers and music that made it such a success. Nearly every week I get messages asking for Escape Velocity to come back. And I really want to be able to make it for you and continue the story we all started together.

That’s where you come in. However much you can pledge provides funds to get the series made. Whether you want to contribute $1 and be a part of things, or pledge $8 per episode and join in with private post-show discussions, I appreciate each and every donation that helps get this show on the air. It’s not going to be exclusive – Escape Velocity will still be released as a free podcast. But every supporter at $4 and above will have access to a download of a high bitrate version of the show. (The podcast is released as 128kbps mp3, while the private downloads are 320kbps).

Head on over to the Patreon Page for Elite: Escape Velocity and begin the adventure!

thekeepAs we continue in the NADSWRIM challenge for the year of Audio Scripts, we at the Society would like to highlight some projects that are worth supporting. As we move into getting more folks into experiencing the wonder of the Audio World, consider The Keep Official Audio Drama from the novel by F. Paul Wilson.

From the Gofundme project:

What is The Keep?
In 1981 author F Paul Wilson released his novel The Keep. The Keep tells the story of a platoon of German soldiers during WWII occupying a small fortress in the Romanian mountains. Unknown to them, they have released an ancient evil from deep within its walls, the only few who may be able to solve the mystery and stop the slaughter of the soldiers are a crippled Jewish professor, his daughter and a mysterious stranger.

Now go out there and help get another great project off the ground!

johnhurtSo many great stars old and new keep coming back to Audio Drama. Now it’s the War Doctor himself, John Hurt, has a plea for many people out there. About radio drama, Mr. Hurt says:

 “I consider it a very important part of my life. I think one of the major weapons of an actor is the voice. And I think [radio] is a forgotten art. And it’s just wonderful to be someone who is celebrating that particular art.”

Mr. Hurt was honoured in the BBC Awards for his outstanding contribution to radio. Catch the rest of his thoughts on our “forgotten art” in The Stage.

Editor’s Note: Anyone out there who knows Mr. Hurt, I’d be happy to interview him for Sonic Speaks!- Jack

Best-Audio-Fiction-PodcastsMatthew MacLean one of the dyad of the Audio Drama Production Podcast team recently wrote an article in The Podcast Host blog detailing his picks for the best and brightest of the audio drama world.

Your show, The Sonic Society,  met with the Scottish sign of approval for one of the best compilations, and we’re grateful to Matt for his recommendation.

For other recommendations of awesome audio (most of which you can hear on the Society of course) check out his article.

NADSWRIM1NADSWRIM 2016 is a go! Are you ready?!

What did you pick for your script writing goals? Now’s the time to dig in, and the best year is 2016 the year of the Audio Play!  29 Days to get going.

Jack’s already begun by working on using the Grave Shift Casebook database to begin to build script outlines and information about forensics and detective work. How do you organize your work?

Here’s a couple of suggestions:

Script Timer application

Guidelines on Radio Script Writing

BBC Medium and Format for Scripts

Lester Dent’s Pulp Master Document in the Writers Resource

So now’s the time. Go out and write. 28 days left. Good luck!


Folks who remember Twin Stars, Little Gou, and Team Iron Angel among others will remember Kung Fu Action Theatre, a beloved fan-favourite audio drama series from the mind of Rob Paterson. Well have no fear, the amazingly prolific writer hasn’t fallen off the face of the Earth. Beyond working as a teacher in his Clark Kent job, Robyn has also been working hard as an editor and writer of his own fiction since putting aside audio drama.

But the audio itch is hard not to scratch, and now talkie podcaster is added to his impressive credentials as Rob and long time best friend Don Chisholm host the new series The Department of Nerdly Affairs (aka The DNA).

Of course, we were instant fans, and most recently, Jack was invited to partake of the glorious geekery. Obey the DNA yourself and subscribe.