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Yes, Minister!

The powerful series has done it again!

Just received in our in-box from Executive Producer Clare Eden…

The Minister of Chance
starring Julian Wadham,  Jenny Agutter,  Gethin Anthony, Lauren Crace,  Paul Darrow,  Beth Goddard,  Tamsin Greig,  Sylvester McCoy,  Paul McGann
The response to our crowd-funding campaign for Episode 4 of the Minister of Chance was incredible and we were able to greenlight it entirely based on fan support.  However, as you may have already heard if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, we then had to delay its recording because Lauren Crace, our lovely ‘Kitty’,  had a baby!  He’s very beautiful and we’re very excited to be starting recording in a couple of weeks time.

We’ve used the waiting time to get the Episode 5 script ready for pre-production too  –  and this would be the final one in the first season.  In an attempt to get straight onto that after Ep 4  we are therefore starting the crowd- funding campaign for Episode 5 on 23rd of November and it will run for one month until 23rd December with a host of new perks.

We are always overwhelmed by the support of our fanbase and from so many of you, and we really, really appreciate every posting, every retweet and every Facebook mention.  

Thank you. 

Clare Eden
And we couldn’t be happier! MORE Episodes of the Minister of Chance! How awesome is that?!

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