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The C in BBC Stands for Comedy

sc_simon_callowWhile the “C” in BBC actually stands for Corporation, it might as well, be comedy as BBC4 historical sit-com called “Plum House”. Starring Simon Callow, Miles Jupp and Jane Horrocks. The Chortle article describes the six-part series as one that shows:

Peter Knight, curator of Plum House, former dwelling of poet and artist George Pudding, with Jupp as Julian, his fogeyish but megalomaniacal deputy. Horrocks is Maureen, running the giftshop and more concerned with turning a profit than preserving Pudding’s legacy.

This crumbling comedy begins June 15 in an 11.30 am following the successful pilot from 2014!

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Born to Teachers and Amateur Audio Enthusiasts in the small rural community of Belwood, Jack's first love was stories- writing, reading, telling, and singing. He developed his acting skills through High School, University, and through film and community theatre. Jack writes the lion's share of Electric Vicuna's Audio Drama scripts and has his own writing site at He's thrilled to co-host the Sonic Society with his wonderful, talented, friend David Ault!


2 Responses to “The C in BBC Stands for Comedy”

  1. Andy W says:

    Thanks Jack… Big fan of the sonic society by the way… Long time listener, first time blog commenter and that,

    Just a minor thing to avoid some confusion, The BBC runs TV and Radio services. Due to the strange way that they name things, we have Radio 4 (voice based radio, featuring news, documentaries, discussion programs drama, and comedy), Radio 4 Extra (radio featuring “classic” drama, comedy and entertainment mainly from the bbc archives, and what was on Radio 4 last week) and BBC4 which is a very low audience TV station…

    I think this is going out on Radio 4.. but thanks for letting me know.


  2. Jack says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words and the clarifications Andy! Really appreciate you clearing that up! 🙂

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