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Episode 456- Hadrohearing

| January 26, 2016

Tonight’s exciting episode is the penultimate opportunity to get your plans out for NADSWRIM. While you’re prepping, have a break and listen to a special treat- Richard Wentworth and Michael McQuilkin’sHadron Gospel Hour. David Ault’s your host and episode 1 “The Reluctant Hadronaut” is loaded up tight in your podjector. Right here… on the Sonic Society! […]

Episode 455- Sonic Steam

| January 19, 2016

Jack and David talk NADSWRIM, Biff, WriTracker and Phillipa before we get to listen to Steamboys Radioshow #1 from James Lewing!

Episode 453- Epiphany Symphany Deux

| January 5, 2016

Welcome to a New Year of Audio Drama and our second part of “Epiphany” from Sandbox Radio Live! Not to forget the 2016 NADSWRIM (or is that GADSWRIM, CADSWRIM or WADSWRIM we leave it to you to decide!)  

Rounding the Post!

| February 19, 2015

As we round the final lap for NADSWRIM this year, it’s time to check in! How are you doing? Are you pacing yourself or will it be a race to the final finish line? Make sure you share with us on twitter or facebook as to what you’re doing! No matter your writing race, make […]

Put Away Your Cutlery!

| February 11, 2015

THEY’RE BACK! The Medieval Sound Effects Library is up and ready for your next great adventure! The folks who brought you The Free Firearms Sound Effects Library were successful in getting their kickstarter campaign up and running. So, pass out the joy! Go and download this amazing collection of great sound effects and get writing! We’re ten […]

And They’re Off!

| February 2, 2015

Day two of NADSWRIM 2015. How are you doing?! Best of luck to all! Jack’s on page 20!

4 More Sleeps….

| January 28, 2015

Just four more sleeps until NADSWRIM 2015! Have you picked your project yet? Are you up for the Feature Challenge? Or are you thinking of a series and want to take on the Quarter, Half, or Full Challenge? Whatever your goal, make sure you add your submission here. It’s totally free, and just an opportunity […]