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Blake Sets Sail

| April 14, 2016

It was with some sadness that fans of Blake’s 7, the powerful series created first for the BBC by Terry Nation from 78 to 81, heard of the death of Gareth Thomas. His reprisal of the role in The Liberator Chronicles in 2012 created a whole new generation of fans. The Telegraph has the story: […]

Fixsoniced by The Archers

| April 14, 2016

The tale of Helen and Rob Titchener, characters in the BBC’s radio soap opera “The Archers”, has an entire nation transfixed as the violent conclusion Sunday night’s past saw Helen stabbing her abusive husband in front of their young son. During the episode,  #TheArchers was trending on Twitter as tens of thousands of listeners vented their […]

Trap Released…

| April 5, 2016

The audio drama and Star Wars world is whirling at the news that Erik Bauersfeld passed away. Known widely as Admiral Ackbar from the famous Return of the Jedi episode of the original trilogy, Bauersfeld was known mostly as a radio man who acted for decades in our favourite medium. NPR has a great series of […]

Audio Tips for Migration

| April 3, 2016

It’s not often that Brietbart mentions audio drama, but they took the time to talk about a BBC Radio Drama that they feel gave practical tips for illegal migration out of Somalia. Of course, one might consider that the Old Time Radio series I Was a Communist for the FBI might be giving practical tips […]

The Social Contract of Radio Drama

| March 31, 2016

At the Sonic Society we try to demonstrate that radio drama opens up conversation in the areas of social and political concern. Many communities around the world may not have wide distribution to televisions or Internet, but they have radio. Radio can teach and delight (to borrow from Philip Sidney). Case in point, from The […]

Churchill’s Audio Adversary

| March 12, 2016

Winston may be a volleyball to some, a Ghostbuster to others, but to a nation at war he was also the man speaking about the finest hour. I don’t believe he meant the hour of contention. Television is achieving a kind of new Golden Age, and unfortunately that puts us straight in conflict with BBC’s […]

The C in BBC Stands for Comedy

| February 26, 2016

While the “C” in BBC actually stands for Corporation, it might as well, be comedy as BBC4 historical sit-com called “Plum House”. Starring Simon Callow, Miles Jupp and Jane Horrocks. The Chortle article describes the six-part series as one that shows: Peter Knight, curator of Plum House, former dwelling of poet and artist George Pudding, with Jupp […]

Radio Without Limits

| February 23, 2016

In an IBT article entitled, BBC Radio to air uncensored adaptation of Erica Jong’s feminist novel featuring sex scenes BBC is dramatizing for radio scenes from the famous novel Fear of Flying. BBC began to air scenes last night, as they break the novel into five different episodes. Fear of Flying was a controversial book for iconic […]

Twilight Zone Appears Over England

| February 22, 2016

The BBC has made arrangements to carry the famous Twilight Zone Radio Dramas from producer Carl Amari. For those of us familiar, Stacy Keach’s rich voice fills the role of narrator once held by the iconic Rod Serling for the original television series. In an io9 article, we discover that ten episodes will be released featuring the […]

Hurt’s So Good!

| February 3, 2016

So many great stars old and new keep coming back to Audio Drama. Now it’s the War Doctor himself, John Hurt, has a plea for many people out there. About radio drama, Mr. Hurt says:  “I consider it a very important part of my life. I think one of the major weapons of an actor […]