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moonlightSonic Society friend David Farquhar, has a phenomenal announcement from Moonlight Audio:

MOONLIGHT AUDIO THEATRE Sets New Monthly Milestone at 115,000 Downloads

Canada based Moonlight Audio Theatre is thrilled to announce that August 2016 has been our best month ever with 115,000 Downloads. Wow! I still remember those days when we thought 20,000 to 30, 000 downloads per month was totally awesome.

Thanks to all the listeners who downloaded the audio drama offerings on the Podcast and to all the audio drama producers and production companies out there. It just goes to show you that Radio/Audio Drama is alive and well in the Digital World.

Currently, there are approximately 549 FREE Shows and 115 PREMIUM shows covering all genres available for downloading or streaming via our website or various Apps.

Total downloads to date: 2,300,000

Moonlight Audio Theatre Is Your Portal To The Best In Modern Audio Drama Suspense, Mystery, Horror, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Drama, Comedy, Halloween, Christmas And Special Features.

Check It Out!


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