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Sonic Gold
I wish I could say this is a metaphor but honest to goodness the Rogers and Hammerstein melody,

You’ll Never Walk Alone” is running through my head ceaselessly.
And while I’ve been running around like the proverbial chicken for the last week, the truth is, I’ve not walked alone.

This wonderful dream, of completing the circle and not just being able to offer free audio drama to the world, but now, to find a way to offer professional audio drama paid content to those who are interested for a reasonable price as well has just come true.

And while I’m still goofy with three hours sleep, I’d like to thank all of you who made it happen.
From the beginning… Mark Vanderberg from Colonial Radio Theatre who called me up one day this New Year in 2009 and literally said, “Jack, what’s holding up this Sonic Gold idea of yours?”
And then proceeded to offer everything in Colonial’s catalog for the first year to get us out of the gate and through some muscle behind us so I could approach a few other companies.
Jerry Robbins, who I’m proud to call a friend, and who has tirelessly and generously provided Colonials content to me, for this project and for others in the past few years.. and for both of them trusting that I would take care of their audio “children”.
Sable Jak who went to bat for this project for me to Jim French and all the people at Jim French productions, and who sent me the CD’s with so much cool audio drama that I’m kicking myself I haven’t had a chance to hear before.
Angelo Panetta from Radio Repertory Company of America who gave us this awesome taste for Anne Manx on the Sonic Society, and is providing us with a pile more of their product to try out this new way of distributing their own amazing shows.
Scott Hickey for jumping on board with “The Grist Mill” one of my favourite series of all time. Thanks Scott you just said, “What? How? and How Can I help?” Those are the best three questions in the world to answer.
The multi-talented Jon Baker from the famous Dick Dynamo show who emailed me out of the blue and asked, “How can I help? Can I offer you theme music?”, and then worked on MY crazy schedule to get it out. You’re the best Jon, thanks so much.

Speaking of the best, my friend Paul Campbell of Cossmass Productions. Not only has he set up AND hosted the new Sonic Society website that everyone has been raving about, but when I approached him about possible solutions to impliment a solid and secure podcast, he said, “Let me handle it Jack. I’ll build it.”
And he did.
This standing ovation is for you Paul. So much work and time went into this, and while I should have been helping him beta test it, he did it all himself. Patiently dealing with my screw ups with the system, answering my fool questions, and working out solutions to allow Sonic Gold to be accepted by itunes and promoting a range of options for Sonic Gold Members and memberships that I’m going to have to consider for the time to come.
I just can’t say “Thank-you” enough man.

The incredible Matt Leong from Clockwork Media and Draw Something Cool who always donates his awe-inspiring talents as an artist to us. First creating and donating the Sonic Society logo, then at least two posters, and now the Sonic Gold logo that we use. Go get Matt to make you something for your website, or for a friend. His prices are absolutely reasonable, and you couldn’t find a better artist not a more willing partner to make what you need. Matt can do it for you!

Marrcus “Crash” Beatty, who despite some people’s perceptions is the architect and sole creative force behind Audio Drama Talk. I get all kinds of inquiries as to “our site” at ADT, and the fact is while we may have suggested it on our show, Crash is the one who built the best forum I’ve ever seen. We’re just very very grateful to have the ability to play in it, and help out when we can. But talk about the best site for Audio Drama people to get together!

J.T. Shea who put up with “It’s not working. I deleted it again. I can’t find where to publish” while poor Paul was blissfully sleeping, and tested his account before anyone else. Thanks man!

Eric Bensen for coming out to record “The Dead Line” (hear him in the upcoming episode “Messages”!), Biff Straker (and as “Doctor Vester”!) and before everything as the “Waiter” in this first episode of “Sonic Gold Cafe”. Eric is an amazing director of theatre in Halifax, and is so much fun to work with, I can’t tell you.

And finally but not in the least, the least- folks- The Members. We brave and happy few, as Shakespeare put it “We band of brothers (and sisters)”. I am grateful for the Members trusting cash and time to believe in this, and for putting Sonic Gold as well as the Sonic Society as a priority in your lives.
It never escapes my notice that people went out of their way to say, “This is important”.

Business wisdom tells us that a company’s greatest resource is word of mouth from the clients… but I’d go further in this case and say, all the clients to me in Sonic Gold are family. They’ve been very supportive through out the years, above and beyond simply being listeners of the media. My hats off to all.

Wow. What a ride. And its only just beginning.

Episode 2 hits the feed on the 15th with the end of the month beginning our first double-sized feature!

Because great Audio Drama is pure gold!
Thanks Again Everyone,

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Born to Teachers and Amateur Audio Enthusiasts in the small rural community of Belwood, Jack's first love was stories- writing, reading, telling, and singing. He developed his acting skills through High School, University, and through film and community theatre. Jack writes the lion's share of Electric Vicuna's Audio Drama scripts and has his own writing site at He's thrilled to co-host the Sonic Society with his wonderful, talented, friend David Ault!


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