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Jemaine Clement Returns to Radio with the Podcast Uncle Bertie’s Botanarium. The article by Garrett Martin at Paste Magazine, tells us that the new podfict The Mysterious Secrets of Uncle Bertie’s Botanarium is about the life story of Lord Joseph Banks, the British botany and natural history scientist from Captain Cook‘s sea voyages. Banks brought back such exotics like eucalyptus to the west.
The script is written by acclaimed writer and director Duncan Sarkies, James Milne, and artist Stephen Templer, and is only inspired by history, drawing in elements of comedy and parody.

For his part, Clement is thrilled to be working in the audio world again:

“It’s a mixture between reading a book and watching a movie. Some of it’s provided for you like a movie, like the performances, but a lot of it you have to imagine yourself when you’re listening to it. I’m hoping podcasts will bring radio comedy and radio drama back.”

Welcome to the Society, Mr. Clement. Welcome to the Society.
New episodes of the Botanarium arrive every Wednesday!

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