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What Could Have Been if we didn’t pull a Bono

(With thanks to Bill Hollweg from Broken Sea for passing this gem on)

From the Duke Law site:

This site celebrates “Public Domain Day” the first of every year – Unfortunately, since the advent of the Sonny Bonno Public Domain Deprivation Act, there has been little to celebrate.

And those who attempt to rein in the few morsels of PD which escaped the net receive labels such as “Pirate” by others who may not consider this status relevant.

A thought for the group:

As the end of the Bonno extension approaches at the end of this decade, it may be worth anticipating that plans may be afoot to effectuate a further extension. Perhaps such plans may be opposed by drawing attention to the politicians who deprive a deserving public of their cultural heritage.

Another worthy step: Plant more trees.

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