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We Don’t Make Radio Drama Anymore (CBC)

CBCFor someone who grew up with CBC Radio, it’s really heartbreaking to see the lowest point in Canada’s finest broadcaster (It is the lowest point, isn’t it? It can’t go any lower… please?)

With scandals, and criminal charges, and cutbacks from the federal government, the CBC seems to have entirely lost its way. For years, the CBC has tried to stop being the “nerd’ and befriend the “cool kid” in the class. Their new choice for the hosting spot in “Q” is no exception.

Dear CBC. You’re smart. You’ve always been the place where people go to get their minds fed. Go back to accepting and appreciating that. You created who generations of kids who grew up loving that about you. Bring us thoughtful drama, hilarious comedy, serious journalism, brilliant counter-culture ideas, and radio drama. Bring us back radio drama in all its myriad forms.

With Love,

The Sonic Society.

Now go check out Andrew Cohen’s thoughts on this in the Ottawa Citizen.


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