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The Archers Highlight the Issues of Domestic Abuse

dashWe’ve mentioned before that the BBC long running audio drama series The Archers have been helping a charity highlight the issues of domestic abuse. As this story line winds down, Helen Titchener, is on trial for the murder of her husband. The Slough Express writes:

A domestic abuse charity from Slough is hoping a hit radio show’s harrowing storyline will help bring the plight of domestic abuse victims ‘to the forefront of everyone’s minds’.

The tale of Helen Titchener, from BBC Radio 4’s The Archers, came to a gripping conclusion on Sunday.

She was accused of attempting to murder her abusive husband Rob, who had subjected her to months of physical and mental abuse.

During a special hour-long episode, a jury found her not guilty.

After the show’s conclusion, Becky Spiller, head of services at The Dash Charity, told the Express that the storyline helped address some misconceptions people have on domestic abuse victims.

Becky said: “In the case of Helen and Rob they’re quite a well to do middle class couple.

“People sometimes have a preconception in their heads that only a certain class of people will be victims of domestic violence.

“But it can be very difficult to leave an abusive relationship, especially when children are involved, and this storyline has really highlighted that.

“The issue needs to be talked about more and brought to the forefront of everyone’s minds.”

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