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Texas Radio Theatre and the Ed Wood of Audio

We’re loving the return of Texas Radio Theatre’s feed into the world of activity. Some shows you love podfade¬†forever, but Rich Frolich has brought back TRT with new vigour. In case you haven’t heard, TRT is one of the great originals of the modern audio drama movement- and to just kick up their qualifications a notch or two, most of their shows were live performances.

Most recently, Rich has reintroduced a whole new generation to the decade gone now Schlock Audio Theatre by Charlie Pratt (sometimes misidentified as Chris Pratt’s more talented brother). As well as the B-flick bonanza that Schlock provides on the feed, and the marvellous original content he’s still catching his audience up with, Mr. Frolich also gave us a listen to Judson Fountain. The man they are calling “The Ed Wood” of radio drama. It’s more fashionable to call something so awful that it’s good- “outsider art”- mostly because if you painted such abominations you would be locked outside until the paintings were destroyed in the rain- Fountain’s work is a glorious ode to what was radio drama. Listeners can hear his love of the art form. Judson Fountain pressed his own vinyl recordings, and if you own one of these fractured gems they are worth a pretty penny today.

Luckily for us, the Internet can provide for us what our vinyl collection lacks.

Go check out The (Sort of) Dark and (Mostly) Goofy World of Judson Fountain and enjoy.

Oh, and subscribe to Texas Radio Theatre today and as Rich Frolich would say- “Watch more radio!”

Oh, and Rich… what’s the chances of a live Schlock Audio Theatre/Texas Radio Theatre performance for

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