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New Nova Star Hunters Trailer!

| August 8, 2010

The awesome new trailer from Nova Star Hunters is a must see! Go check out the latest and greatest from the folks at Vexation Audio!

Nothing Comes Up With Some Great Fun

| February 18, 2010

More fun from our friends over at Vexation Audio as they sit down and talk about the differences between modern Audio Drama in Britain and North America and speak about Gaia’s Voyages, Broken Sea, and our own Dead Line anthology. Have a listen to Rik and Matt’s round up here. Subscribe to Vexation Audio here!

Audio that Doesn’t Vex

| December 28, 2009

Check out the latest updates in Vexation Studios. Our good friend Rik O’Neill (you will remember him as the creator/producer of “Nova Star Hunters”!) has been working on updating Vexation’s look.. and look! The Sonic Society is featured up there! Expect many more as Rik hopes to keep doing what we all love to do, […]