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Not a Movie

| August 2, 2015

Recently, I had a discussion with a long time audio drama producer of literally hundreds of shows. Our conversation turned to various topics around our favourite medium. At one point, we focused on how many new audio dramaphiles seem to be coming from the Dirk Maggs school of radio drama production. Mr. Maggs is the […]

Terry’s Tribute from Radio 4

| March 19, 2015

If you missed it the first go around, don’t you dare miss it this time! BBC Radio 4 is planning a repeat performance of Dirk Maggs, Neil Gaiman, and Terry Pratchett‘s amazing audio adaptation Good Omens from the sixth to the tenth of April and completing the series on Saturday the 11th in a tribute to the […]

Neil on the Dirk

| December 29, 2014

      If you had as much fun as we did here on the Sonic Society listening to Dirk Maggs latest awesome show for the BBC Good Omens, then cap the whole thing off with a fun little interview between Neil Gaiman and Dirk. And if you haven’t heard it yet, well what are […]

Merry Christmas from the BBC…

| December 22, 2014

and Dirk Maggs, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett! BBC 4 will shortly be airing the brand new full audio adaptation of Good Omens, the hit novel by Gaiman and Pratchett from 1990. Tune in while you can and listen to this amazing story brought to life with a full cast! Check out the great article […]