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Bill’s Shiny Premiere

| July 6, 2017

Lothar Tuppen and Jeff Billard joins Jack to look back at the first of this special season of the best of Bill Hollweg beginning with a double feature including “X-Minus One’s The 7th Victim” and the first episode of “Amity- Dark Waters” all with the thanks of Broken Sea Audio and Howl-O for the music!

A Tribute of a Season

| November 9, 2013

Season 9 of the Sonic Society hosted by David Ault and Jack Ward provides a proper nod to one of the most popular Science Fiction Audio Drama heroes of all “time”. This month marks FIFTY YEARS OF DOCTOR WHO and beyond Big Finish’s official Doctor adventures there’s a pile of Whovian fare out there. Beyond […]

Episode 290- A Gypsy Barbarian

| May 1, 2012

The Mansion computer tries one last time to prevent a time incursion and distracts with more from our favourite Barbarian from Broken Sea and a brand new soap from Gypsy Audio called “Gypsy Cove”. And a special bumper from a Futurama fave!

Episode 289- A Hyborean Detective

| April 24, 2012

  Cimmerian from Broken Sea arrives for episode 5 and A Substitute Secretary from the 4077yh! Not to mention a surprise shout out from a Firefly fave…         The Mansion is going haywire. Something about a time incursion. Meanwhile, everyone’s favourite  

Episode 288- Sir A. Conan Sherlock

| April 17, 2012

The 4077th Productions drops by with a little of the Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes and Broken Sea continues with its Barbarian affair with Part 4. Jack finds himself in trouble with another gun pointed in his face. This time however, it’s from one Hot Cross’d Nun, Ms. Becca Babcock!

Episode 286- The Demons of Hyboria

| April 3, 2012

And his eyes had all the seeming of a demon that is dreaming. This week in the Society we’re pleased to present a terror filled feature with part 1 of Icebox Radio‘s “The Demon”. Afterwards we continue with episode #3 of the series from Broken Sea Audio “Queen of the Black Coast”.

Episode 285- A Barbarian’s Tale

| March 27, 2012

Our favourite barbarian makes an appearance from Broken Sea Production‘s amazing “Queen of the Black Coast” right out of the gate with a double feature of Episodes 1 and 2- full. pulp. audio!

Episode 275- Horn of Alarm

| January 17, 2012

Jack wanders alone and lost in the sand tunes… before a strange figure beckons him onwards. “Strange Fate of Matthew Hornblower” and “Jack Sampson and The Roof of the World Part 1” by Broken Sea Audio are featured.

Sonic Summerstock Presents: X-Minus One- Junkyard

| August 16, 2011

[SCIENCE FICTION] Broken Sea returns for another season on the Sonic Summerstock Stage, this time with a classic from X-Minus One. W. Ralph Walters and K.C. Locke show up reprising their award winning roles as The Zombie Astronaut and Doctor Despicable from the Frequency of Fear Podcast! So much audio goodness in one show!   […]

Sonic Summerstock Playhouse Premiere! The Time Machine

| July 6, 2010

Sharon Bee presents a new theme for Sonic Summerstock Playhouse as the summer season begins with a classic “Escape”- “The Time Machine” a reproduction produced by the amazing folks at Broken Sea Productions and guest starring the hilarious John Bell from Bell’s in the Batfry. Starring: Draven Schoberg as Wena Mark Kalita as Dudley Paul […]