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Sonic Workshop: Like it Loud?

loudness_FEATURED-800x440Do you have problem with getting the volume just right? Check out The Audio Producer’s Guide To Loudness by Rob Byers.

Jeff Towne gives us a great intro about this article:

We all know the experience – listening to the radio or watching TV, a loud commercial jumps out, sending you grabbing for the volume control. Or conversely, your favorite program is too quiet leading you to crank up the volume, even though you know louder levels will startle you as the next program starts. Variations in program levels have been a problem for public radio stations, and now the public radio world is attempting to even out this difference by implementing a new loudness standard. Adhering to this standard will soon be required when submitting programs to the Public Radio Satellite System’s ContentDepot, PRX, and other organizations, and it’s also just a good tool for making sure your mixes keep a steady level.

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