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[From Jeffrey Adams. Do your part to help, won’t you? – Jack]

Huge, massive, gigantic news for Sounds for Soldiers

Sounds for Soldiers, the project by audio theater producers wanting to create and ship 10,000 audio theater CDs to service men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan, got a HUGE boost today when word came down that we’re in the running for a $5000 Pepsi Refresh grant!

What does this mean?  It means we can get $5K IF all of you go to Pepsi Refresh and VOTE!!!!

That’s right, Pepsi Refresh grants are decided by online voting.  We need to finish in the top ten for the month of August to qualify, and we’re currently 155th (bleah!).  You can vote once a day.  If you have multiple emails, you can vote for each one once a day.  It’s free.  It’s easy.  Pepsi doesn’t want any of your information (short of an email address) so please, PLEASE for the sake of the men and women who have sacrificed for nearly a decade now: VOTE!!!

And when you’re done voting, consider sending this email along to your contacts list.  Yes, I suppose it could be considered spam, but like all advertising, it’s only advertising if you’re not interested.  If you are interested, it’s INFORMATION.  And who wouldn’t be interested in sending a small (very small) thank you to the men and women in harms way for the sake of our freedom.

Jeff Adams


Text Message: text 101175 to 73774 (standard text messaging rates apply)

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