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PBS Radio Rocks by Not Rocking

PBSwebsizeElijah Hawkins has some pretty cool things to say about radio drama down under:

In a time when most commercial radio stations play (in this writer’s opinion) either mass-produced crap or ‘80s pop, and when even triple j is waning, community radio plays an incredibly important role in the scene.
PBS 106.7FM is one of these stations flying the flag for community radio, and from May 16-29 they’re calling on listeners to ‘Take the Plunge’ and sign up. As a station that remains independent and non-profit, the supporters and volunteers are what keeps PBS on the air.

Fuelled by people with a passion for music and propelled by the record collections of the volunteer broadcasters, the station offers programs focusing on everything, including country, blues and roots, garage, rock, punk, and even electronica, soul, hip-hop, and free jazz.

Folks who sign up or renew their membership will go into the running for a heap of prizes, including a Maton 70th anniversary series semi-acoustic guitar, a restored Thorens turnable, a classic red Vespa PX 150 scooter and plenty more.

So get out there and support PBS 106.7 FM and let the stories rock out!

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