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Learning How to Eat Your (Radio) Vegetables

RDreturnsAden Rolfe, whose series A Thoroughly Wet Mess is getting a kind of kickstart of its own through the powerhouse Serial, thinks its about time for people to get back to some audio creativity. According to the article from The Sydney Morning Herald, The digital age has taken radio to both the cutting edge of modern broadcasting and back in time – delivering the freedom of independently produced, listen-when-you-like podcasting that at the same time is a throwback to the medium’s golden age – pre-television, when radio serials were the dominant form of household entertainment. 

“I think the main thing that comes off the back of things like Serial and some of the other podcasts … is that it creates a real audio literacy,” Rolfe says.

Rolfe says that about ten years ago audiences were a little scared listening to creative radio, but thanks to Serial it’s opened the field wide open.

Feeling a little smug are you? Just because Audio Drama listeners aren’t above the trend, doesn’t mean we’re not above a little backslapping each other for either. Congratulations!

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Born to Teachers and Amateur Audio Enthusiasts in the small rural community of Belwood, Jack's first love was stories- writing, reading, telling, and singing. He developed his acting skills through High School, University, and through film and community theatre. Jack writes the lion's share of Electric Vicuna's Audio Drama scripts and has his own writing site at He's thrilled to co-host the Sonic Society with his wonderful, talented, friend David Ault!


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