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His Voice was “Magically Delicious”

13Anderson1Obit-master675Great loss to the world of radio drama and voice acting on April 10th, when Arthur Anderson passed away at the age of 93. The New York Times article reported:

Arthur Anderson, who performed on radio as a teenager with Orson Welles’s Mercury Theater and appeared on Broadway, in films and on television, but whose most enduring role was as the voice of Lucky Charms cereal’s leprechaun, died on Saturday in Manhattan.

As the last of the Golden Age of Radio begins to fade into the distance, I find myself thinking back as to how much of an impact they made, not just on those children who grew up with radio and radio drama, but the grandchildren, and the great grandchildren. My parents loved radio plays and bought LP’s for me to listen to in my formative years. Even now, keeps putting more and more old time radio shows into the public domain. Go through the available Mercury and Campbell’s Playhouse Theatres and have some time to listen to Anderson’s salad years.

Rest well, sweet prince!

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