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Some fantastic news from David Farquhar, Executive Producer of Voices In The Wind Audio Theatre. Audio Drama is going to have yet another fantastic stream to reach out people like it’s never done before:

On Tuesday December 7th 2010 a new and innovative way of delivering audio dramas to a mobile audience was launched on the Blackberry Smart Phone. The Moonlight Audio Theatre Podcast APP on the Blackberry features the best in modern audio drama programming covering all genres. With some 40 million Blackberry users across North America there is potentially a huge audience to tap into. Audio dramas can now be easily listened to while riding on the bus, waiting for your next flight at the airport, on long drives,  while waiting at the Doctor’s office or at work. The Blackberry MOONLIGHT AUDIO THEATRE PODCAST is available instantly, anywhere, anyplace at anytime, no PC required.

What that means of course is that those folks who are good with their blackberries but lousy with subscriptions to podcasts and the like can listen any time, anywhere, on demand to audio drama.

How is this not good FANTASTIC news!?

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