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What Could Have Been if we didn’t pull a Bono

| January 30, 2011

(With thanks to Bill Hollweg from Broken Sea for passing this gem on) From the Duke Law site: This site celebrates “Public Domain Day” the first of every year – Unfortunately, since the advent of the Sonny Bonno Public Domain Deprivation Act, there has been little to celebrate. And those who attempt to rein […]

Real Estate Crunch

| January 28, 2011

Remember the show Realtor and the CEO by Larissa Naples? Well, in the latest example of Corporate Copyright buffoonery it looks like her show has been shut down by threatening litigation over the question of whether the word “realtor” is in the public domain or not. Where’s our elected officials to protect us when these […]

Dial Oh for Edict- Episode 232

| January 25, 2011

1. Sonic Society 6 Theme- by Sharon Bee 2. Introduction with Jack and Barney 3. Feature Presentation- Edict Zero – Episode 1 (AD-PG-13 RATED) Written by Jack Kincaid 4. Serial- The Witch Hunter Chronicles– “Episode 5″ (AD-PG-13 RATED) Written and Produced by Domien De Groot 5. Sonic Society End with Jack and Barney 6. Sonic Society […]

The Ward Christmas Tradition

| January 21, 2011

  The Library always seems to be open for special hours during the Christmas season. Jack brings us the current collection of the Ward Father Christmas Letters. Through the years, the Ward children (Aedan, Colm, and Rory) have found a letter waiting for them with their stockings and half eaten cookies and carrots. With their […]

Age of Adventure Graphic

| January 20, 2011

With grateful thanks to our Matt Leong who delivered this piece of awesome artwork for Jack’s book “The Age of Adventure- The Signet” Go rush out and buy your piece of original work from Matt while you still can at Draw Something Cool. I have to gush as well, about Matt who is another of […]

The Towns of Angus and Alora

| January 20, 2011

When writing the Age of Adventure series, I leaned heavily upon my memories of my home towns, “Fergus” and “Elora” that was the source for Willard’s home towns of “Angus” and “Alora”. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Fergus Here’s Wikipedia’s description of “The Grand” river, inspiration for “The Divine” river. Willard’s public school […]


| January 19, 2011

I’ve included all three promos here. All lovingly narrated by the amazingly talented, and my friend, Mr. Zombie Astronaut himself  W. Ralph Walters from The Frequency of Fear. I’d like to wax a little more fan-boy praise of Mr. Walters. Not only does he have a golden voice, not only does he write, produce, and […]