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The Magic Box


My father has been making objects and items for sixty years. Recently, I’ve considered that to effectively create radio dramas for the stage we need scripts and actors… including one special character- The Magic Box. A single upright tool that can incorporate all the most important sound effects needed for a live performance. The only question is, how would this take shape? My father and I are going to produce this box with the hope that what we design can be replicated and used by audio drama groups everywhere to aid in live production of radio dramas for new audiences everywhere!
So help us out. What do you think are the most important sound effects needed in the Magic Box?

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2 Responses to “The Magic Box”

  1. Jennifer Baratta says:

    Your father’s voice. A story about you too.

  2. Jack says:

    And he’s still working on it! Here’s hoping it will be ready for the Summer 🙂 Thanks Jennifer!

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