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Sonic Summerstock Presents: Sherlock Holmes- The Adventure of the Tolling Bell

| July 21, 2015

Hard times since the end of Frequency Lite, the professor and David attempt to extract cash from the lads from Rude Alchemy who bring to the Summerstock Playhouse stage a live performance of the classic Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Tolling Bell!  

Episode 431- Rude Radio

| June 2, 2015

The hilarious antics of the boys from Rude Alchemyarrive in the Sonic Society, and just in time to help reset the TORTIS and Jack. Prepare for Carver Cranebottom, Bone Detective Parts 1 and 2!

Sonic Speaks- 0136- Rude Radio

| May 10, 2015

David speaks with the lads from Rude Alchemy this week in Sonic Speaks!