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Audio Review: ‘Ghost Hunt’ by Sole Twin Audios

| October 31, 2021

Friend of Sonic Summerstock and reviewer extraordinaire Dr. Mark Dreisonstok has another review from our friend Rachel Pulliam about the show “Ghost Hunt”! Go have a read at the MD Theatre Guide for more!

The Playhouse Gets Some Ink!

| August 23, 2021

Fan of old-time radio and clever reviewer Mark Dreisonstok has once again arrived at the Sonic Summerstock Playhouse doors! This time he sets his sights on the amazing Shh! PRoductions Vintage Radio Hour submission for the Playhouse! Read more at MD TheatreGuide and enjoy the ride at the Playhouse this summer!

Dark Shadows Never Dies

| February 16, 2020

Our missing Amigo would be hitting my mailbox with joy at this latest turn of the audio drama world. Mark Dreisonstok from The Sentinel posted this lovely gem about Dark Shadows gaining new life in the audio drama world. The gothic serial “Dark Shadows” has had various incarnations over the years. Starting as an original […]