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Episode 316- Rascally Rasa

| January 1, 2013

Jack continues on his strange quest to look for David and the Audie, but finds himself in sight of the original Pendant Audio “Tabula Rasa”. He also has Jericho Nash- World’s Greatest Adventurer and Harvey Klaxon from two brand new writers and directors in the audio field with a special thanks to M. Sieiro Garcia […]

The Reviews are In!

| March 2, 2010

There’s something in the water and its Audio Drama! There’s been a few sites that have cropped up that review Audio Drama the most recent has been Chris Moody’s Audio Cinema Review. Many folks have been wondering why there aren’t more reviewers that will give the real deal about what’s going on in the medium. […]

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s to the Sonic Workshop I go!

| January 27, 2010

In life, a little rain must fall, and that rain always irrigates good discussions and ideas. Currently there’s a lot of discussion about a review process for Audio Drama- a peer review.  Chris Moody has begun one at Audio Cinema Review (Thanks for using Audio Cinema as a term Chris, I still like it!) One […]