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Every year for the months of July and August Sonic Society goes on semi-hiatus as we put away the best up and coming modern audio dramas and look to our fantastic collection of audio producers to take a look at the shows of the past. Old Time Radio (OTR as you may well know) has a number of productions that are in the public domain. Many of those productions can be downloaded and heard for free at

Our “Call for Submissions” requests those amazing NEW audio drama companies to rediscover those great old shows by taking public domain scripts and creating brand new recordings with their own acting troops! Sonic Summerstock has had some fantastic shows over the years, and we hope to have many more.

Every year there are eight to ten weeks of shows available in Sonic Summerstock. If you’re an audio drama production house, why not take up the challenge and produce a show for Sonic Summerstock this year? Submission calls happen in March because we want people plenty of time and four months is usually long enough to produce a fun old time radio show for a contemporary audience.

So give us a shout at sonicsociety AT gmail DOT com and tell us what you would like to produce!

First come, first serve. So if you get your produced first, you can be the inaugural show of the season!

Some caveats:

  1. Please make sure you’re only using public domain productions and scripts
  2. If the show is over an hour please let us know. We may have to schedule two different weeks
  3. Please do not release your show on your site until AFTER the Sonic Summerstock premiere. We want to bring the world in to exclusive pre-released content!
  4. HAVE FUN. OTR can have a different pace, a different expectation for sound effects, and a different tone to some of the modern productions. Lots of previous companies have spoken about how valuable the experience was for them in creating their own original work.

Some Script Links (of which we, of course, cannot verify the exact status of all scripts whether they are public domain or not. Please double check!)

The Generic Radio Workshop- OTR Scripts             Simply Scripts


GOOD LUCK and Happy Productions!

All the Best,

Jack and David

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