The Sonic Society

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Sonic Society #686-Straining Sound

| April 25, 2021

This week Jack and David look at the first two episodes from The Violet Hour The Elmwood Strain– Mighty Sabertooths and Elm Rot. Paige is a popular senior at Elmwood High until a violent tragedy forces her family to flee the town. A decade after abandoning her three best friends, Paige gets word that one […]

Wavefront Short: Trans-Humanity

| April 25, 2021

At the twilight of humanity, a robot comes to the cabin door of an old woman to have her join the rest of the human species in the Singularity. Written by Jack J. Ward for the WaveFront Anthology. Produced by Austin Beach, this episode stars Rissa M, Jeffrey Billard, and Lothar Tuppan!

Sonic Society #685-Rising Radio

| April 18, 2021

It’s July, 1941. War is raging in Europe. Pearl Harbor is about to explode. Japan is terrorizing Korea and China and weaponizing  islands across the Pacific. On one of those islands, three women – an ace transport pilot, a Chinese Intelligence officer and a local island leader – must join forces to rescue young girls sexually enslaved by the […]

Wavefront Short: Alien Invasion Cancelled

| April 18, 2021

At last! A new Electric Vicuna‘s The WaveFront Anthology series release! Jack Ward pens with tongue firmly in cheek a look at what happens when aliens arrive in the modern age. Produced by Austin Beach, this episode stars Tanja Milojevic Duane Noch and Jack Ward as Modhan.

Sonic Society #684-Given the Boot

| April 11, 2021

It’s time for the Sonic Society with Jack and David. This week, it’s Part 1 of Little Boots. 37 CE. As the reign of Emperor Tiberius comes to an end, 24 year-old Gaius takes the imperial throne. Lead by the able hand of his beloved sister, Drusilla, he embarks on a wave of reform that […]

Sonic Society #683-The Sonic Shadow Way

| April 4, 2021

This week we have a trilogy of features beginning with Josh Dyer’s Shadowwood- The Curse of Norton Folgate with Aidan Dickson and Jenna Rose, and a couple of audio fiction pieces including The Promise by Glenn Dickson, and “1101 Wellington Way” by Vivian Lermond and Hand-to-Mouth Theatre.