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Episode 435- Voices in the Wind

| June 30, 2015

David Farquhar brings us our season ten finale episode with Voices in the Wind’s “Good Things Come” with Jordan Harbour from the Twilight Histories Podcastguest introducing the epic conclusion to the Videk with Jack Ward, David Ault and special guest John Bell fromBell`’s in the Batfry.  

Don’t Close Your Eyes All Summer

| June 29, 2015

Don’t Close Your Eyes has begun its fifth summer of live radio plays at Bozeman’s Verge Theater. Their incredible two month session started in June and ends on the last week of July with every single week a new hour long live audio drama performance. So if you’re in Bozeman, Montana some time check them out! […]

Audio Issues

| June 28, 2015

A group of Norwich folk who call themselves the Ashby Court Entertainers amateur dramatics group, have worked to raise awareness about domestic violence by producing a new radio drama entitled “Ruby Wedding”. One of the great values of the intimacy of audio is that it can really connect with listeners on a whole range of issues […]

Outsourcing Your Audio Drama

| June 27, 2015

We’re in a very flexible time for audio drama, maybe the best time to be making it since its creation. Case in point, New Hampshire Public Radio had the idea to Outsource A Radio Drama. After selecting Sean Hurley from NPR to manage the project, he went to Fiverr, the microjob website and selected everything […]

Learning How to Eat Your (Radio) Vegetables

| June 26, 2015

Aden Rolfe, whose series A Thoroughly Wet Mess is getting a kind of kickstart of its own through the powerhouse Serial, thinks its about time for people to get back to some audio creativity. According to the article from The Sydney Morning Herald, The digital age has taken radio to both the cutting edge of modern […]

Seaburn Goes Down Easy

| June 25, 2015

Sonic Society alumni, Jay Sykes who brought us the awesome Seaburn, has just won the gold for Best Student Radio Drama at the New York Festival’s International Radio Program Awards for The World’s Best Radio Programs. Wow! Congratulations Jay, from all of us here at the Sonic Society, you entranced us with your entry, it’s only fair […]

Frozen Waves

| June 25, 2015

Want to really chip away the icy resistance you get when you talk about your love of Audio Drama? Feeling snowed under when you try to get a radio station interested in putting on your favourite audio series? Well, maybe it’s time to go north! According to this Radio World article by James Careless, Radio […]

Tending the Garden

| June 24, 2015

It’s been a slow ride through the RSS feeds and the gentle eddies of subscription space, but as we wind down our tenth season of the Sonic Society and a pretty busy one with three shows a week (Sonic Echo, Sonic Speaks and of course the Sonic Society) it’s important to see how far we’ve […]

Episode 434- Rogue Lansky

| June 23, 2015

Jack catches up with David for the penultimate battle against the Videk. But first let’s fly with the conclusion of Brad Lansky and the Rogue Era from Dieter Zimmerman!  

Rising Again

| June 23, 2015

More fantastic zombie news! The dead walk again! Or at least, the unliving monsters from KC Wayland’s zombie epic We’re Alive. Wayland’s back, and in this article with Army Times describes what he’s already revealed to Sonic Speak listeners last month that his new parallel tale from the post apocalyptic nightmare- Lockdown will be coming […]