The Sonic Society

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Episode 302- Intentional One Acts

| September 25, 2012

The One Act Players come to the Sonic Society again with “Good Intentions” and we complete part 3 of the Interview with Gregg Taylor of Decoder Ring Theatre in our 2012 Roundtable.

Episode 301- Statement of Intent

| September 18, 2012

David and Jack make their way to “The Statement of Randolph Carter” by Macabre Fantasy Radio Theater and Jack and Gregg Taylor from Decoder Ring Theatre have part 2 of their 2012 Roundtable!

Episode 300- The 300!

| September 11, 2012

Jack and David find themselves in early Toronto chasing down the masked mystery pair from Decoder Ring Theatre with “The Red Panda ‘Blue Skies’” for episode 300 of the regular season of the Sonic Society. Jack and the amazing Gregg Taylor begin with part 1 of their annual roundtable on the state of Audio Drama. […]

Sonic Society Season 8 Promo 2!

| September 5, 2012

Jack and David make their way along the podioverse thanks to the PPC (Audi) hand held dimensional hopper! Going from one Audio Drama universe to another.

Episode 299- New Frontiers of Sound

| September 4, 2012

Jack Ward and David Ault usher in Season 8 of the Sonic Society with two original Electric Vicuna Production offerings from the Wavefront Anthology: A full length episode of “Borrowed Time” starring Joe Stofko, John Bell, Lyn Cullen, and Colleen MacIssac, written and directed by Jack J. Ward with post production by John Bell! And […]

| September 2, 2012

Sonic Society Season 8- Promo 1

| September 1, 2012

Jack Ward and David Ault RE-introduce the Podsphere to The Sonic Society and the upcoming Season 8!

| September 1, 2012