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Episode 294- It’s the Aftermath, Watson!

| May 29, 2012

This week we look at “The Aftermath- Episode 1” from Yap Audio Productions and the final from 4077th’s “Sherlock Holmes- The Five Watsons”.

201- River Monsters, Grinning Men and the Return of NOR!

| May 26, 2012

What’s that? North of Reality has returned? Check out the revamped show and  settle in for a night of river monsters, ghosts grinning (or moth?) men and a petrifying movie coming out this summer!!

Episode 293- The Arkright Audio Kiss

| May 22, 2012

“Kiss Me Quick” by Darren Smith and “The Curious Affair at the Arkwright Club” by Mike Murphy is tonight’s double feature while Jack finds two lost souls.

Episode 292- The Magician by the Cove

| May 15, 2012

The 4077th brings us Sherlock Holmes and “The Impossible Magician” and we continue with Gypsy Cove- episode 2 from Gypsy Audio. And a wicked voice actor from a “massive” game shows up to bump the show!

Episode 291- Fill up with Zombie Barbarians

| May 8, 2012

Precarious Audio brings “Filling Station” along with another episode of Broken Sea’s favourite Barbarian and a taste of some Frequency Lite from Zombie Astronaut! And another Futurama favourite bumps us!  

Episode 290- A Gypsy Barbarian

| May 1, 2012

The Mansion computer tries one last time to prevent a time incursion and distracts with more from our favourite Barbarian from Broken Sea and a brand new soap from Gypsy Audio called “Gypsy Cove”. And a special bumper from a Futurama fave!