The Sonic Society

Showcasing the very best in new Audio Drama


| December 26, 2010

Jack and Huey give a brief peak into the workings at Sonic Society as they try to explain how things are “back to normal” at the studio.

CBC and Audio Drama Under Siege

| December 16, 2010

I grew up with the CBC. I can honestly say that much of my love of Audio Drama was ignited by this network. CBC Radio was on first thing in the morning, and I remember listening to shows on weekends, and in the evening. CBC kept me informed and grew my understanding of Canada, the […]

Drama by Moonlight

| December 7, 2010

Some fantastic news from David Farquhar, Executive Producer of Voices In The Wind Audio Theatre. Audio Drama is going to have yet another fantastic stream to reach out people like it’s never done before: On Tuesday December 7th 2010 a new and innovative¬†way of delivering audio dramas to a mobile audience was launched on the […]