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What a Sight!

| September 30, 2010

We can’t help ourselves. We love Movies for the Blind. These good folks take all kinds of great and schlocky movies from the past and make ’em so you can do all the work in your brain. We’ve mentioned this before, but visuals as much as we like them, are really not very good for […]

Circle them Wagons. Its the Indys!

| September 30, 2010

The College Hill Independents that is! Radio Drama Revival’s Fred Greenhalgh gives Audio Drama a boost in one of the more recent articles on the re-emergence of audio theatre with the growth of the Internet in a piece called Airwave Renaissance by Natalie Jablonski. We have a little wince when we see words like “we […]

For those who may not know…

| September 26, 2010

Kenneth Jarman has written a good introduction about, well, introductions to Audio Drama in the Examiner. After six years of Audio Drama trumpeting, we sometimes wonder if there’s still a street in a city, a pasture in the farmlands, or a grove in the hinterland that doesn’t know about the amazing re-genesis of modern Audio […]

A Little Feed Housekeeping

| September 8, 2010

Thanks to new Listener Lisa, I got a gentle reminder that since Libsyn had moved us to their new server, we had some of our earliest Season 1 episodes in a mixed up state. So going through the feed, I discovered some duplicates files as well as reorganize the order of the shows. Now, hopefully […]

Sonic Summerstock Playhouse Presents: Stage Door

| September 2, 2010

This bonus Sonic Summerstock Playhouse presentation is from the good folk at Gypsy Audio with Stage Door! Hosting this final episode of Sonic Summerstock Playhouse is writer, producer, actor, and Modern Audio Drama groundbreaker Jeffrey Adams from Icebox Radio Theatre and Sound Stages Internet Radio! Gypsy Audio and the cast of Stage Door wish to […]