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What are the Audio Drama Genres?


The late great (and sorely missed) Blake Snyder argued that the terms that we know as “genre”- those of fantasy, science fiction, mystery and the like- are poorly chosen. There are, after all many different kinds of horrors stories, westerns, even romance stories, and often they intersect with each other.

Instead, Mr. Snyder, in his book Save the Cat Goes to the Movies, brilliantly breaks down ten different genres. some of which are covered in this scriptmag article by Erik Bork.

One example, isĀ Monster in the House in which Blake Snyder argues quite effectively that Jaws, Alien, and Cable Guy are all the same genre.

Take a moment to think about audio plays/radio drama. Certainly, there are crossroads with the movie genres that Blake Snyder identifies. But the question remains, are there genres you’ll only find in the audio drama medium?


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