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Vintage Hitchcock Radio

2-s47dtu_preview_featuredThe Oskaloosa Herald shares an exciting live radio theatre performance:

With “Vintage Hitchcock,” performed by William Penn University’s theatre department, you will visit neither London nor the 1920s, but you will become the audience of a radio show from several eras. “I really would like the audience to come in and take time to close [their] eyes and just listen to what it sounds like. This is designed to be a radio play, and we really tried to tackle it from that point of view,” said director Andy McGuire.

Three of Alfred Hitchcock’s early films have been adapted into radio plays by playwright Joe Landry. “The Lodger” will be first, followed by “Sabotage.” After a brief intermission, “The 39 Steps” will finish out the evening. “They’re all made with great reverence and love for Hitchcock,” said McGuire. The filmmaker is known for being a master of nail-biting suspense and the thriller genre. “A lot of times people think of theatre as this farce and this comedy. These plays are fun, they have their fun moments, but they’re not really comedies.”

Find out everything about Friday and Saturday’s performances that are offered free from this article College Students to Perform Vintage Hitchcock.


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