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Voice Acting?

| June 24, 2017

Superstar voice actor/writer/producer, Tanja Milojevic from Lightning Bolt Theater of the Mind and many other productions (including EVP) posted on Facebook the Voice Acting Space. If you’re interested in getting into the audio acting gig. Give it a try!  

The Audio Drama Rating System Update!

| May 30, 2015

It’s been a few years since our first release of the Audio Drama Rating System that we released in the incredible Audio Drama Directory. Many audio drama groups, companies, and individuals have been using the rating system to help identify what their content contains with thanks to Matt Leong’s artistry for the rating system badges! Some people have […]

Sonic Speaks- 0109- Lightning Bolt Strikes

| November 2, 2014

  Tonight Jack sits down with the incredibly talented writer, producer, director, and queen of audio actresses, Tanja Milojevic fromLightning Bolt Theatre of the Mind

Mark(ing this particular) Time

| June 14, 2014

Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t often enter EVP shows for awards. But in the case of Alone in the Night I am so grateful for the amazing work that Michael Stokes put into the production of this Wavefront episode last year. Over the year, Michael and I went back and forth over every […]

Episode 383- The Auddysey

| June 3, 2014

David and Jack find themselves surviving the wreck of the Windshearer while listening to a chilling improvisational skit with a micro cast and macro goosebumps from a new audio collective, Odyssey Audioworks from Captain Radio himself and Tanja Milojevic and a comedic sketch from Thrilling Adventure Hour’s Sparks Nevada- Marshall on Mars! 

Episode 376- Escaping World’s End

| April 15, 2014

Jack and David face off against Vampire Lizard Queen of the Dead City as they fight to survive. Bringing us salvation is part 3 of Simon Neilson’s continued epic Children of the World’s End! Special Sonic Guest Star: Tanja Milojevic from Lightning Bolt Theatre of the Mind!

EPISODE 350- Never Alone in the Sonic

| October 15, 2013

The end of the Videk Agenda brings us an original full length Wavefront episode from EVP starring Jack Ward, Genevieve Jones, Tanja Milojevic, David Ault and John Bell. Production Editing, and sound design by Michael L. Stokes. Music by Sharon Bee, Michael L. Stokes and Kevin MacLeod courtesy of Incomputech.  Thank you EVERYONE from all of […]

Episode 328- Electric Gears

| March 26, 2013

Jack and David find themselves on the fabled Airship Morrighan’s engine room as they listen to Episode #4 of “Radio Steam” and then it’s off to the wild imagination of Tanja Milojevic and “Drop of Blood” from Lightning Bolt Theatre of the Mind.

Episode 281- Chance Would Have It

| February 28, 2012

Jack finds himself in the Sand Tunes and an old friend gives him hope. Tanja Milojevic guest stars as the Voice of the Desert. Featured show is Episode 1 of the Minister of Chance with a special short from Darker Projects.

Episode 265- Bolt of Inspiration!

| November 8, 2011

Jack and Jackabee get stuck in the 137th layer of Hell- Administrivia looking for a lightning bolt for this week’s episode “Sky People” from Lightning Bolt Theatre of the Mind with Tanja Milojevic and ZBS’s The Ghost of Ms. B.  s! Guest starring John Bell from Bell’s in the Battfry