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She Acts through the Air with the Greatest of Ease..

| June 24, 2017

NPR Training has some great vocal warmups: If you pant like a Labrador will your voice have more energy? Can you hum away “vocal fry?” And what does Bugs Bunny have to do with good radio? I coach reporters at NPR on vocal delivery — and these are some of the tricks we use. To […]

The Worst Sound

| October 3, 2016

A while back Erik Hermansen from See Space Labs has given us at the Sonic Society the joy of experiencing the Worst Sound ever. So, interestingly awful is this contest, NPR had a little segment on it. Have a listen to All Things Considered and imagine just how bad it can get! Sound designers have been competing […]

Hero of Sound!

| May 9, 2016

With thanks to Jack Jaffee from the long missed 12 Volt Theater podcast and his novel Down the Road we get this story from NPR about the incredible work of Tom Lopez and ZBS. I’ve really enjoyed the zany and rich works of Tom from Jack Flanders but there are so many more tales that Lopez has […]

Trap Released…

| April 5, 2016

The audio drama and Star Wars world is whirling at the news that Erik Bauersfeld passed away. Known widely as Admiral Ackbar from the famous Return of the Jedi episode of the original trilogy, Bauersfeld was known mostly as a radio man who acted for decades in our favourite medium. NPR has a great series of […]

Serial Successes

| December 14, 2015

In the Guardian newspaper, Miranda Sawyer asks a very simple question: Why are Americans so much better at making podcasts than the British?  I for one think that Ms. Sawyer has the ideas backwards. She suggests in the article that you have to do massively produced shows to get them to be successful and that the British […]

When The Force Awoke

| December 14, 2015

John Madden was “making movies with the lights turned out” by releasing the incredible NPR Star Wars radio drama. With the help of Brian Daley, this never before tried extended series of the original trilogy was an instant sensation and starred Mark Hamill (who Madden proclaimed as a “natural” in radio drama) and Anthony Daniels of C-3P0 fame. […]

So You Want to Make Money Selling Audio Drama. No, you don’t.

| August 21, 2015

There’s an old adage that success leaves clues. There’s another less popular adage in the audio drama crowd that goes something like this: “You know audio drama hasn’t made the big time because of everyone who comes out saying they are going to ‘bring radio drama back!” The amount of proclaimed experts in modern audio […]

Show Me the Podcasting!

| August 3, 2015

A couple of posts ago we spoke about the value of giving your audio drama away for free. Today, we’re going to ask about the Future of Podcasting from the article in Tech Crunch that asks effectively: What’s it going to take for Podcasting to have a breakthrough? Podcasting is well over a decade long […]

Sound Thinking

| July 31, 2015

“Would you rather lose your vision or your hearing?” the old question goes. Which one of your main senses would you feel like you could do without? It’s hard to imagine never being able to see a sunrise again, or experiencing the swaying of the tree tops in a light wind as the leaves leave […]

Outsourcing Your Audio Drama

| June 27, 2015

We’re in a very flexible time for audio drama, maybe the best time to be making it since its creation. Case in point, New Hampshire Public Radio had the idea to Outsource A Radio Drama. After selecting Sean Hurley from NPR to manage the project, he went to Fiverr, the microjob website and selected everything […]