The Sonic Society

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Episode 584- New in the Wind

| January 1, 2019

Tonight Jack and David bring you the conclusion of Voices in the Wind‘s “Finding his Voice” from David Farquhar. Another seasonal favourite production company, Misfits Audio, brings us two short episodes from Alexa Chipman entitled “The Father Christmas Chronicles”! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Society Meetings on the SouthWaves

| September 2, 2016

If you tune into SouthWaves Radio, check out the latest flourish of Audio Drama. Station Manager Jamie Dyer has our Sonic Society on twice Thursdays. Sonic has the classic bes times drive times of 9-10 AM and 7-8 PM. Check out this article on the SouthWaves site for details of all the great changes on […]

Episode 437- Our Fair Foster

| September 15, 2015

Double feature night with Sonic Society this week andMisfits Audio presenting Mike Murphy with “Milly Foster- Macabre Investigator and Oh Where, Oh Where Can She Be?” and “Raise Your Glass” on Our Fair City. Jack and David are your hosts. You are our guests. It’s Sonic!

Episode 418- Continued Cleaning

| March 3, 2015

  Jack and David try to rejump the TORTIS after its latest power drain crossing the unwinding Audioverse and park towardsFinalrune’s The Cleansed- Episode 3 of Season 2 and finishing up with one of Misfit Audio’s grand 5 Minute shows “Alice in Wonderland”

Episode 417- Second Cleansing

| February 24, 2015

  Jack and David travel back to FinalRune Productions episode 2 of Fred Greenhalgh’s epic “The Cleansed” from season 2 and wraps up with a little Misfits Audio short “Frankenstein”!

Episode 409- Sprinkled Seasonally

| December 30, 2014

  As our final show of 2014, we end off with a society member favourite choice- the Misfits Audio Christmas selection Holiday Review and The Spirit of Christmas Day from Voices in the Wind Theatre..

Sonic Speaks- 0114- Misfits on the Air

| December 7, 2014

  John Tadrzak of Misfits Audio sits down and talks all things Audio Drama and Christmas on this week’s Sonic Speaks!

Episode 315- Country Christmas

| December 25, 2012

David makes his way in a solitary season still alone wandering through the conclusion of “Country Life” from the Wireless Radio Theatre Company and Misfits Audio Christmas Annual show!

Sonic Summerstock Presents: The Lone Ranger

| July 10, 2012

Misfits Audio brings The Lone Ranger “Harvey Preston” to the Sonic Summerstock stage and our host this week is John S. Drew. Your Master of the Revels, as always, is David Ault.

Episode 271- Mischiefs Audio Christmas

| December 20, 2011

Tonight the mysterious Homeless man (David Ault), Noel (Lyn Cullen), the waitress help Jack find the meaning of his life in the Christmas Cafe and we get to meet “Santa’s Kitty” from Misfits Audio