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Sonic Speaks- 0115- Leaping into Audio Drama

| December 14, 2014

  The incredible Mark Bruzee speaks with Jack about audio drama, OTR, Darker Projects and his new passion LEAP Audio.  [Apologies for the clicking sounds in the interview]

Sonic Echo- 0115- The Old Christmas Switcheroo

| December 12, 2014

  It’s December, Christmas month in Sonic Echo and this week we have some fun with Christmas confusion and the ol’ switcheroo. Tonight’s double feature includes My Friend Irma and Mel Blanc from The Mel Blanc Show! All shows can be found in the incredible vault of wisdom-

Episode 406- A Willoughing Dash

| December 9, 2014

  The incredibly talented Bunbury Banter Theatre provides us a look at “Dash Dashing” while the explosively dynamic Joe Bev brings us “Willoughby Gets It” Part 1 while Jack tries to get out of another fine scrape with the U-Tubed weapon devastating the Audioverse!

Sonic Speaks- 0114- Misfits on the Air

| December 7, 2014

  John Tadrzak of Misfits Audio sits down and talks all things Audio Drama and Christmas on this week’s Sonic Speaks!

Sonic Echo- 0114- The School of the Schmaltz

| December 5, 2014

  December is our Christmas month at Sonic Echo, and we begin this fest with a little schmaltz and sentimentality from school days. Our shows tonight include Ronald Coleman’sThe Halls of Ivy and Eve Arden’s Our Miss Brooks. All notes can be found on Class begins!

Episode 405- Song of Seaburn

| December 2, 2014

  Take a stroll and feel the Seaburn with Jay Sykes Media in this new exciting radio drama!

Sonic Speaks- 0113- David Carley for Beginners

| November 30, 2014

  Writer, Playwright, Radio Drama Script Editor, David Carley has hundreds of productions across Canada, the United States and internationally. Mr. Carley is our guest at Sonic Speaks as we talk about the law, stage plays, working at CBC Radio, Radio Drama, and the benefits and deficits of being a playwright..

Sonic Echo- 0113- A Wonderful Escape

| November 28, 2014

  From the twisted but brilliant mind of J.G. Ballard comes these tales of excitement, science fiction, and fear in the rare CBCseries “Vanishing Point”. Come complete our month of November Nightmares with “Escapement” and “Having a Wonderful Time”. Be sure to stop off at the boutique before you leave and stock up on all […]

Episode 404- Nerd Reigns King

| November 25, 2014

  Christian Madera brings us back parts 3 and 4 of The Once and Future Nerd while David, surviving the blast of the U-Tube weapon looks for escape!

Sonic Speaks- 0112- The Musical Voice of Sharon Bee

| November 23, 2014

  The incredible singer, musician, composer, Sharon Bee is our special guest this week on Sonic Speaks. Sharon talks to us about writing the music for Electric Vicuña Productions like The Dead Line, Gate, Wavefront, and Firefly- Old Wounds