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Sonic Speaks 0603: Madison on the Air

| January 9, 2022

In this episode, Jack interviews the wife and husband team behind Madison on the Air, Chrisi Talyn Saje and Jeremy Saje.

Sonic Society #714- Keep Frosty

| January 9, 2022

It’s the New Year for certain but our holiday spirit hasn’t wained as we present, “Frosted” from Steven Cardinal and Aural Traditions.Sometimes a magic hat is more than just a magic hat. And sometimes, you don’t always get the real story the first time. Frosted is our attempt at correcting the story you may have […]

Sonic Society #713- Mrs. Claus Closes

| January 2, 2022

Christmas is over, but the adventure continues for Mrs. Claus! It’s the exciting conclusion of Evil Wears a Green Dress: A Mrs. Claus Story With the villain’s moon base in sight, Mrs. Claus is locked, loaded, and ready to deliver coal to the Scarlet Jade’s stocking. Will our fearless party survive the onslaught of missiles, […]

Sonic Society #712- Escape Claus

| December 26, 2021

It’s the night after Christmas and all through the house, the incredible Adventures of Mrs. Claus captivated Jack and David from Last Act Radio Theatre! Mrs. Claus, Lyric, and Kuma find themselves trapped in a prison cell after trying to save Princess Nyra, and who’s behind it? The Scarlet Jade herself, a nasty no-good-nik bent […]

Sonic Society #711- Tinsel Tune

| December 19, 2021

Are you ready for Christmas? Jack and David are preparing as they take a trip into “Tinsel Town” with episodes one and two. After making a wish on the Christmas Star, Holly finds herself popping in and out of Tinsel Town, a magical place where it’s Christmas every day.

Sonic Society #710- War of the Cindys

| December 12, 2021

Our holidays in December are just beginning as this week Jack and David present Benjamin Peel’s “Wicked Cinderella” and Mercury Theatre Podcast’s “War for December” from John S. Badger!

Sonic Society #709- Deck the Quarantine

| December 5, 2021

It’s nearly Christmas and what would that be without a look back at Sassquatch Radio‘s incredble “Deck the Halls” series. This time it’s last year’s Quarantine Special: The Midnight Society. Emma and Jackie are bored with Netflix (or rather, Stu’s version of Red Box), so the gang embarks upon a round of “Lie Detector”. After […]

Sonic Society #708- It’s All Old Radio

| November 28, 2021

In our final week of November sometimes after 17 years you’d think “It’s All Been Done Radio Hour” but we’ve never played them before! It’s All is a live comedy show in the style of old radio serials Performed once a month, This week we present their first shows- Universe Journey: The Conundrum With C’mons […]

Sonic Society #707- Firm Soundings

| November 21, 2021

Today in the Sonic Society we feature Rusty Quill Productions– Stellar Firma is a weekly Science Fiction, Comedy podcast following the misadventures of Stellar Firma Ltd.’s highest born but lowest-achieving planetary designer Trexel Geistman and his bewildered clone assistant David 7. Join them each episode as they attempt to take listener submissions and craft them into […]

Sonic Society #706- Arcadic Trilogy Bill!

| November 14, 2021

This week we have five features starting off with three short plays from Vivian C. Lermond– Double Edged Sword – Alice-in-Wonderland – Blackcurrant Jam! This is followed by two features from the exciting anthology series Station Arcadia including episodes 1- By the Wayside and 2- What The War Left Behind! It’s five shows for one […]