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Daley Wishes- More Star Wars Audio Drama

| April 16, 2016

I don’t know about you. But the thought that the new Star Wars movies could produce more NPR Star Wars audio drama makes me more excited than even for the release of the next installment- Rogue One. For many of us who held on to the flame of radio drama in those twilight years, the […]

Sonic Echo- 0116- A Fistful of Bennies

| December 21, 2014

  Jack Benny appears in two shows in tonight’s ode to Christmas in December on Sonic Echo. First with Phil Harris and Alice Faye as Santa Claus, and then in his own The Jack Benny Show. All links can be found in!  Merry Christmas everyone! can be found in the incredible vault of wisdom-

Episode 361- Jacking Around

| December 31, 2013

Jack and David find themselves in an endless desert and a strange adventure into the past to finish up 2013. Happy New Year! BONUS: Bell’s in the Batfry blast from the past! 

When Good Copyright Goes Bad…

| January 19, 2010

I make no bones about it. I consider Jack Benny to be one of a handful of comedic geniuses this world has to offer. Son of a saloonkeeper, Benny could “sling ’em” with the best of them. In his later years, he could read names out of a phone book and have people clutching their […]