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Sonic Echo 204: Vanishing Point

| December 24, 2017

For the festive season Jack, Jeff, and Lothar- the Amigos- check out the classic CBC series Vanishing Point with the episode “Closing Night” where they consider life, death, and life again… HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE EVERYONE!  

Someone Sonic

| January 9, 2017

I’ve been a listener of CBC Radio all my life. I miss the heady days of Peter Gzowski, Vicki Gabereau, Michael Enright and Alan Maitland duo and Lister Sinclair‘s dulcet voice and gentle hand on the wheel. CBC has gone through a lot of changes, some of them great, some not so. The not so […]

Making Waves

| June 16, 2016

Terry O’Reilly has been a MUST LISTEN personality way back when he gave us O’Reilly on Advertising, and then The Age of Persuasion and now Under the Influence. O’Reilly is a kingpin of advertising as owner and operator of Pirate Toronto and Pirate New York, his studio is the largest production studio that’s not from a […]

Sonic Speaks- 0113- David Carley for Beginners

| November 30, 2014

  Writer, Playwright, Radio Drama Script Editor, David Carley has hundreds of productions across Canada, the United States and internationally. Mr. Carley is our guest at Sonic Speaks as we talk about the law, stage plays, working at CBC Radio, Radio Drama, and the benefits and deficits of being a playwright..