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Who is Jack Ward in the Audio Drama World Anyway?

| February 2, 2019

Today is my birthday. Birthdays have a unique power- like Christmas and New Year celebrations- to force us to look back through our lives and consider some goals, high points, low points, lessons learned, lessons still to be learned and, if we turn around, the horizons yet ahead of us. Seventeen years ago, my friend […]

Be Inquisitionary! (Or at least a Witch Hunter)

| January 6, 2016

The Witch Hunter Chronicles was a triumphant Audio Epics fantasy radio drama series from Domien De Groot and Eline Hoskens (the dynamic duo of modern audio fantasy production). With original music from Peter Van Reit, Witch Hunter is back- and this time as an audio novel. This thirteen hour long legendary audio is a must buy […]

Sonic Summer-14-2-Domien and Eline, Where Audio’s Epic!

| August 12, 2014

This week’s sunny sonic society submission is a tantalizingly terrific interview with Belgium’s brightest- Domien de Groot and Eline Hoskins, from Audio Epics. The fantastic fellows of fantasy give Jack the lowdown on their incredible indiegogo campaign to get Witch Hunter Chronicles chronicled- this time in audio book form! Get into the act with a donation […]

Hunting for the Audio Book

| August 4, 2014

The fantastic folks at Audio Epics need your help! They’ve begun an Indiegogo project to complete a ten hour audio book (that’s three times as long the original audio drama series). Domien deGroot, the miraculously creative fantasy writer promises a more complete story, including a new character and the full experience of the heights of […]

Episode 327- Just About Out of the Woods

| March 19, 2013

Jack and David make one more trip to the eternal woods of Audio Epics with episode #5 of  “Will of the Woods” by Domien de Groot and Eline Hoskins and takes another trip into RadioSteam– the Spectacular Tales of the Extraordinary Airship Morrighan episode #3. M. Sieiro Garcia is as always the remarkable bumpergirl!

Episode 325- Where there’s Second Will…

| March 5, 2013

Jack and David are still in the grand unending woods of the magical world by Audio Epics with episodes #2 and 3 of the enchanting “Will of the Woods” by Domien de Groot and Eline Hoskins. Special guest narration from Domien de Groot and with special dedication to Jose Sieiro Garcia, he gave us our […]

The History of an Epic

| April 2, 2012

Nothing is more interesting than looking back at the path that brought you to where you are, and nothing is more interesting than looking at Audio Epic’s History. Domien de Groot takes you on a great behind the scenes look at the development of an Audio writer and his love for the craft. Keep writing […]

Episode 267- A Meal of an Interview

| November 22, 2011

As Jack busily slaves at the Audio Sound Effect Warehouse, Professor Peter P. Picklepepper and his famous manservant take us on a trip through the Twilight Gallery and a piece from ZBS entitled “The Food Chain” as well as interview with Domien deGroot and Eline Hoskins from Audio Epics!