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To Trigger or Not to Trigger

| July 30, 2018

The phrase “Trigger Warning” is so ubiquitous it feels like it’s always been a part of the English lexicon. But, it hasn’t reached quite that level of epoch yet. Buzzfeed did provide an interesting history of the phrase back in 2014 with the article- How the “Trigger Warning” took over the Internet. While the term was embraced […]


| November 22, 2015

When I created the Audio Drama Ratings System for audio producers everywhere to be a helping hand in identifying various content warnings for listeners, I was aware that audio drama is the most intimate of mediums. Just try listening to the sounds of movie lovemaking scene at some point, you’ll notice its far more X-rated in […]

Wanderin’ Jack

| March 14, 2010

Jack wanders down to Wander Radio with host Jack Hosley to talk about a pile of issues including the Audio Drama Ratings System, a pile of audio drama and the recent announcements by veteran podcasters that they will be hanging up their microphones. Listen in won’t you? It’s almost on your radio dial.

The Audio Drama Ratings System

| January 31, 2010

After some long thought and a whole lot of input from a lot of special people and with the kind indulgence of Jeremy over at Audio Drama Directory we are proud to introduce the Audio Drama Ratings System! So, why the ADRS? Well, I’ve been approached by people, educators, and other folks asking, “So what […]