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Tigers and Bunnies and Audio Drama, Oh My!

| April 10, 2016

A growing popular add to a BluRay collection seems to be additional audio drama programmes. With the popular Japanese animation Tiger & Bunny there’s a brand new radio drama with the whole cast. Crunchy roll has all the details: The Japanese Tiger & Bunny Bluray Box will include all 25 episodes of the original TV series on […]

The Blue Defender gets Animated!

| May 22, 2010

The amazing Drew Little has been working hard to produce the Electric Vicuña Productions of “Blue Defender” in his first adventure “Rebirth” part of the Consortium Comics series of superhero stories. Enjoy this amazing animation! And check out Part 2!

Lighter- Now in Awesome Animation!

| November 11, 2009

The amazing Drew Little took some time to create this phenomenal little animation short from “Lighter”, the Dead Line episode starring Ken MacAlpine, Alex MacDonald and Jack Ward. We love the style, and hope to see many more from this great animator! THANKS SO MUCH!!!