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Sonic Society #724- Sky Tales

Tales of the Night Sky” is a unique Audio Drama experience with spectacular soundscapes, based on the Greco-Roman myths behind the constellations. Written and directed by Bibi Jacob, these moving and sometimes humorous tales, brim with tragedy, injustice, and violence. This week Jack and David look at a trilogy of tales including “Callisto: The Constellation of Ursa Major”, “Arcas: The Constellation of Bo├Âtes” and “Cynosura: The Constellation of Ursa Minor”!

About The Author

Born to Teachers and Amateur Audio Enthusiasts in the small rural community of Belwood, Jack's first love was stories- writing, reading, telling, and singing. He developed his acting skills through High School, University, and through film and community theatre. Jack writes the lion's share of Electric Vicuna's Audio Drama scripts and has his own writing site at He's thrilled to co-host the Sonic Society with his wonderful, talented, friend David Ault!


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